Scott MacKenzie(non-registered)
I just ran across your fine work through a post on Facebook by Willa Prescott.
Your Collection Is Amazing!
It's wonderfully inspiring!
So I thought I should say Thank You!
Best to You!
Oh Den(non-registered)
I am glad I was turned on to your work
Oliver Godby(non-registered)
Your work is truly stunning, captivating - I am genuinely in awe.

Thank you so much for sharing it.
Louis Reed, VU Photography, High Point NC(non-registered)
Love, love, love your work! Found you after a recent MM post by Celina whom I also worked with recently. Great use of the studio space and very subtle lighting. You have definitely created a style of your own which is instantly recognizable and gorgeous. Keep up the great work! If I were a model, I'd be driving to Maryland.
I don't speek a good English but I can say I love what you make, I feel good when I see your pics. Tanks
It's not the same level but just whant to présent my work also (I'm the model but all the time I participate to create the projet)
Séduite > alias
Car wash > washing
Bain de mercure > mercurochrome
great work, great pics, you must be great
dave jarvis(non-registered)
I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your art , It is inspirational to me !!
Jake Parker(non-registered)
Hello! I was working, answering a billion request to "like" things on Facebook, when bamb; there was a singular piece of your work. The link brought me here and I just would like to say hello, I dig your work a lot, and I wish you success over the top of any dream you may have had for yourself. I'm an artist also. Music. I'm classically trained with a bunch of papers that if I had a "do over" I would keep the first one and that would be that. I retired five years ago after my third divorce. Oh well. All I have to say about all of that is I never once cheated, lay hand in anger, or emotionally abused anyone. At the same time working 120 in a week was all too normal. So....
I would like to put some of my music with your photographs. NO COPYRIGHT or for sale sign, nothing like that at all, period. I'll just email or snail mail the finished deal to you and that is that. I just think it would be fun and I do dig the female form. I always have. I will leave my email so if my little project is not cool, just tell me and it is stopped before it starts. I can not stress enough it is just for us. Like a show of appreciation from one artist to another. But, this is the www.http:// weirdo world. I dig it. Anyway, take care and peace, jake parker
Magical light, models, poses :-)
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